J&J Acres: Where We're Growing Some Things and Raising Others...

Welcome to J & J Acres!

 Who We Are

J & J stands for Jennifer and Jimmy. We are college sweethearts who love the country and are trying to make a go of it in ‘the real world.’ We both graduated in May 2007 with our bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jimmy works for a company that produces steel and Jennifer is currently in the market for a new job!

We are currently renting a small farmhouse on a 75 acre farm while we pay off student loans and save up for what we really want (lots of land!). We are lucky enough to have a great landlord who takes care of us!

We currently have: a pekepoo (Jolee), a shitzu mix we adopted from the humane society (Molly), a neighbors dog (Brown Dog), two cats from the humane society (Lucy and Winslow), 1 rooster (Fred), 17 hens, and 2 turtles (Holly and Noel).

We update our farm blog on a weekly basis- check out recipes, renovations, and normal farm updates!

Take a look around our site to learn more about us and our little farm. We have farm fresh eggs available if you're around our area.


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to drop us an e-mail (jandjacres@msn.com) or leave a comment on our farm blog!